This is the first and only Deep-Cold Sauna in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar

A session of the three room treatment provides, for the first time in Mannheim – Ludwigshafen – Heidelberg area, a full body cold-therapy guided by professional therapists. We look forward to seeing you!

 -110°C Health

The Deep-Cold Sauna for medical use

The cold lowers or stimulates, depending on duration of therapy, the metabolism and all other physiological processes, thereby calming down the pain receptors, for example, and thus pain transmission is blocked. Inflammatory processes are inhibited and mobility improved.

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-110°C Sport

Deep-Cold Sauna use for performance enhancement

Studies of cold-therapy treatment have demonstrated a significant reduction in pain, and in some cases a complete relief of pain, on the musculoskeletal system. After a full cyrotherapy session, athletes have increased muscular regeneration and are then able to optimize their long-term development. Additionally, the pyschological effects of pain relief and muscular regeneration lead to an increase to an athlete’s motivation.

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